Who are we?

Masaryk Commercial Academy in Rakovník is a school with a long tradition. Economic subjects have been taught here since 1929. Currently our school provides education in 2 main fields of full-time study. You can choose either Business Academy or Economic Lyceum. We are a small school with a friendly atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone.

What are our targets?

We have been trying to bring up active, educated, independent and self-confident young people with a complex overview of global functioning of economics, who can use their acquired knowledge in real life either as enterpreneurs or as employees, as well as in their personal life.

Our graduates are succesful in lots of professions: personal assistants, secretaries, bank clerks and insurance agents, in the field of human resources, accounting, tax advisory, marketing and PR, project and financial management, domestic and international trade, services, public administration and enterpreneur activities. They are really well prepared both for work and further studies at higher vocational schools or universities.

How do we differ from other schools?

We are the only secondary school in Rakovník region specialised in teaching Law as a school subject with  high number of multiple lessons.

We also provide other subjects suitable for preparation to study Law at university: Basics of Social Sciences, History or Mass Media Communication.That is why students interested in studying Law should choose our school as the best possibility to be well prepared for  law study to lead them to become future lawyers, judges or notaries.

We know how important is currently the knowledge of foreign languages, therefore we have been cooperating  with a  partner school in Germany for many years, we organise annual student exchanges with Germany and England. We also offer for the convenience of our students courses of Cambridge English in the school building. We teach CLIL method. We also teach the special school subject of Business English. We have  prepared an international environmental project Erasmus+ with cooperation with Romania, Poland. Italy and Greece.

Considerable attention in our school  is paid to teaching Mathematics and financial literacy. For the quality preparation of our students for the state secondary school leaving exam and entrance examination to Universities of Economics we provide for higher years of studies  subjects Math Exercises and Math Seminar and  since the 1st year of studies the subject Economic Calculations is the part of the school curriculum.                                                

To put our graduates in a more favourable position in the beginning of their adult life , we try to lead them systematically to entrepreneurship, responsibility and teamwork. We emphasize decency,ethics, social feeling and healthy lifestyle. Therefore we annually organize project days, seminars,lectures, discussions and excursions, students are involved in various Olympiads and competitions.

Even though we are not specialised in sports, there is a wide range of sporting activities available for students and we have a really top sports facilities and equipment. All the year round sports competitions are in progress, students  can join adaptation, first aid ,ski and boating courses and lots of sports matches. Therefore students talented for sports feel well in our school. Moreover, we also  take part in charity events e.g. selling presents within so called Heart Days and cooperation with Social Services Organization Ráček in Rakovník. We take care of the environment, recycle, clean the banks of the Rakovník stream, school neighbourhood and we try to practise environmentally friendly policies.

Come and see that our school is the best choice for your children.